Give Your Family the Ultimate Gift of Love with Life Insurance that's a Step Above the Rest

  • Apply for up to $15 million of comprehensive life cover directly without the assistance of a financial adviser
  • Save an average of 22%* on premiums compared to both advised and direct insurers
  • 93% Client Satisfaction Rating as per independent survey
  • Christian Insurance is proudly underwritten by NobleOak

My Protection Plan

Lower Cost, Secure Cover, Better Service

Christian Insurance's My Protection Plan is a comprehensive, fully underwritten Life Insurance product. It is comparable to many products sold by financial advisers, giving you access to a broad range of benefits and an easy over the phone application process without any advice commission cost built into your premium.

*35 year old male non smoker – less for female

To speak with a Life Insurance consultant call:

1300 532 426

Opening Hours 8:30am - 5:30pm AEST

Christian Insurance

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Comprehensive Life Cover for
Your Financial Security

  • Up to $15 million life cover with fast lump sum payout at claim time
  • Includes coverage for both Terminal Illness and Death
  • Optional TPD (Total and Permanent Disablement) cover up to $3m
  • Optional Trauma Cover up to $2m
  • Trauma includes cover for the 'big 4' medical conditions (accounting for over 95% of traumas) and 33 additional conditions
  • Optional Income Protection up to $25K per month
  • Further 5% discount for annual premium payments

No Strings Attached for
Your Peace of Mind

  • One standard life insurance 'exclusion' only (suicide in the first 13 months of policy)
  • We assess your health upfront so you know exactly what you're covered for - a little time at application is worth a lifetime of peace of mind!
  • Easy application process over the phone taking on average 20-30 mins
  • Free accidental death cover during application assessment period

You are in Safe Hands with a
Hassle Free & Fast Claims Process

  • Dedicated local claims specialist to look after your claim
  • All eligible claims are paid promptly under the condition that all questions are answered truthfully and completely during the application process
  • Your policy is backed by the third largest re-insurer in the world - Hannover Re
  • Unlimited beneficiaries within policy

Compare Life Insurance

At Christian Insurance we help protect you and your family, by giving you access to comprehensive optional covers to ensure you have complete financial peace of mind. Choose from Life cover, TPD (Total and Permanent Disablement) cover, Trauma Cover and Income Protection. Use our Life Insurance comparison table to help you select the right cover for you.

Please refer to the Christian Insurance Product Disclosure Statement for terms, limitations and exclusions for the life insurance product.

Features included Life Cover TPD Cover Trauma Income Protection
Guaranteed Renewable
Personal Claims Specialist    
Easy phone based application
Fully Underwritten
Inflation protection
Cover for mental illness Medical conditions
as defined
Worldwide Cover
Application Age Eligibility 16 to 69 16 to 64 18 to 59 18 to 59
Expiry Age 99 75 70 65
Amount of cover you can apply for up to $15m up to $3m up to $2m up to $25,000
per month
Payment of a lump sum on diagnosis of Terminal Illness
Suitable for use in an SMSF
Waiting period Nil 6 months 90 day qualification
(certain conditions only)
Choice of
30 or 90 days
Benefit Period N/A N/A N/A Choice of 2 year
or 'to age 65'
Additional features Terminal Illness Cover Home Duties
available for
non income earners
Cover for 'big 4'
most common
conditions plus 33
additional conditions
Partial Disablement
cover included;
Specific Injury and
Sickness Benefit included;
Option to add Business
Expenses Cover

Three Simple Steps to Get Cover

Step 1: Quote

Step 1

One of Christian Insurance's friendly insurance consultants will provide an immediate obligtion-free quote over the phone for the cover you need.

Contact us and provide the following:

  • • Full name
  • • State
  • • Male/Female
  • • Smoking status
  • • Birth date
  • • Occupation
  • • Type of cover/s required
  • • Amount of cover required

Step 2: Apply

Step 2

If you are happy with the quote, apply immediately over the phone or set up an appointment at a time convenient to you.

We take the application for you and answer any questions you have.

Step 3: Relax

Step 3

You receive free accidental cover while your application is being processed. On some occasions medical tests may be required to complete the application. In such case, we will pay the bills for these tests and organise them on your behalf.

We keep you up to date during the assessment process and you will receive a "Welcome Pack" with all of your policy details when accepted.

Christian Insurance vs Direct^: Average saving 36%*

Compared to 6 major direct Life Insurance providers

This is based on a $500,000 sum insured for a non-smoker living in NSW

NobleOak vs Direct

The comparison table shows Christian Insurance premiums vs 6 Major Direct Insurers.

*Please refer to the Important Note at the bottom of this page for further details.

^'Direct' means those products that are typically sold without the involvement of a financial adviser/planner.

These are current premium rates which may change in future.

Christian Insurance vs Advice^: Average saving 21%*

Compared to 7 major advice Life Insurance providers

This is based on a $500,000 sum insured for a non-smoker living in NSW

NobleOak vs Advice

The comparison table shows Christian Insurance premiums vs 7 Major Advice Insurers.

*Please refer to the Important Note at the bottom of this page for further details.

^'Advice' means those products that are typically sold through financial advisers/planners.

These are current premium rates which may change in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Protection Plan Life Insurance provides comprehensive cover that is normally offered through financial advisers.

Its designed for clients who want to buy comprehensive life insurance directly, without having to go through advisers or brokers. That gives you control and can save you money - each year for the life of the policy.

Unlike other direct life insurance, My Protection Plan provides cover of up to $15 million for life and up to $3 million for TPD. You can also add Trauma cover, income protection and business expense insurance with this if you like, and only pay for what you need.

It's very easy. If you're happy with the quote, we can take you through the application process and even complete the application over the phone, or arrange an appointment for you.

Our underwriters will assess the application, we will confirm to you when it is approved, and we can even start the cover over the phone.

It takes an average of 30 minutes to complete the application.

It is then assessed.

This assessment period varies depending mainly on medicals, and whether there are any additional requirements. If you answer "NO" to all of the questions in the application, the process will be faster. Any "YES" answers, and the process is likely to be between 2 and 6 weeks.

This is also dependant on your doctor, as he/she may be required to provide information on your behalf to the underwriter as well. Of course doctors are in the business of seeing patients and not providing reports so there may be slight holdups there.

That will depend on the your age, the amount of cover requested and your answers during the application.

Many clients complete the questions with no additional requirements. If there are many "YES" answers it is likely there will be more information required, and the process will be longer from start to finish.

It is best to come prepared for the application with as much of your health history and knowledge of any current medication as you can.

Of course, My Protection Plan is comprehensive and you can add these covers if required. It is designed that way so you only pay for the cover that you need.

Christian Insurance's premium rates are very competitive, especially compared to other direct life insurance products. Our rates don't factor in face-to-face adviser commissions. (Unless you've chosen to go through an adviser.)

Refer to the savings tables by clicking on "Christian Insurance vs Direct" or "Christian Insurance vs Advised" links on the top of this web page for more information.

Christian Life Insurance is underwritten by NobleOak which is regulated by APRA like every other Australian life insurance company and is subject to stringent capital and reserving requirements.

We have been protecting Australians for over 136 years, as one of Australia's most established insurers.

Our products are backed by a top 3 global reinsurer Hannover Re for that extra security.

For each person to be insured, we require their name, date of birth, sex, whether they smoke or not, type of cover they want to take out, and the amount of cover sought.

We'll need your contact details too so we can reconfirm your identity next time we chat, and to send the quote through.

Its generally more cost effective to go directly through us. Most advisers have been selling life insurance to clients for years, and are good at it. To support the service they provide, they often charge a commission, which is generally built into your premium.

When buying directly from us, we don't provide personal advice, so we can afford to discount the premium for you by reducing third-party commissions.

So if you're confident about not needing personal advice, then buying directly from Christian Insurance saves you money, not just in the short term, but for the life of the policy.

Yes, we can set up cover for your spouse also. I can provide the quote for them to you quickly within our business hours (8:30am to 6:00pm), but we'll need to speak to him/her to finalise the application.

My Protection Plan is wholly underwritten - so it provides very comprehensive cover.

This means that as long as you fully and correctly disclose all of your medical and lifestyle conditions and history, your application will be assessed based on this information, often without any exclusions specific to you.

We believe this is the right way to get cover!

While we can't provide personal or taxation advice, life insurance premiums are generally not tax deductible.

Income protection premiums are generally tax deductible and the benefits tax assessable.

As everyone's situation is different, please speak to your accountant or adviser about this to be sure.

No there is no obligation to take the policy out following the application. This process is to qualify you for the cover you have selected.

However, as we may be accessing medical records during this process, which can cost Christian Insurance money, it is important that you are seriously considering the cover.

There is also a cooling off period once the policy is activated.

Yes we can, simply call or email us.

No we do not provide financial advice. All information we provide clients and the general public is of a general nature as we are unable to provide you with advice.

While we can't provide personal advice, a question you could ask yourself when assessing how much life insurance you need is:

"How much would your family need to ensure they are not financially disadvantaged upon your death or serious injury?"